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If you would like lots more vital information on caring for and breeding African Pygmy Hedgehogs in a handy to use format then why not download my Ultimate Pygmy Hedgehog Guide eBook! Once downloaded you can either print it out or even better view it on your smart phone or tablet so it’s always at hand whenever you need to refer to it!

Here is just some of what’s covered inside the Ultimate Pygmy Hedgehog Guide Book

Origin – History of African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

Lifespan – How long can you expect your hedgehog to live?

Colours – African Pygmy Hedgehogs come in many different colors, here you will learn how to tell the difference between them with full descriptions and accompanying color photos.

Sounds – Pygmy Hedgehogs make different sounds in different situations, learning to understand these can help you understand your hedgehog better, this section will teach you to understand the meaning of many of these sounds.

Bringing Home – Bringing home your Pygmy Hedgehog is an exciting time indeed, but you will want to ensure that your home is ready and set up for your Pygmy Hedgehogs arrival. You will learn about getting the correct cage and size, how to set it up, what toys, wheels and bedding to use and also the correct lighting and temperature to keep your hedgehog at to prevent it from hibernating.

Caring – As with any new pet you will need to learn to care for your Pygmy Hedgehog to give it the best chance to live a long and happy life. You will learn about feeding, litter training, hygiene, how often to clean its cage, bathing, grooming, quilling, sleeping patterns and lots more.

Health – Even the most well looked after hedgehogs can sometimes get ill although this is very rare. So in this section we will cover the most common diseases found in Pygmy Hedgehogs, how to spot them and what to do if you suspect your hedgehog has one.

Playing – Of course you are going to want to hold and play with your new hedgehog so here we cover the best and safest ways of doing so.

Breeding – For those of you that are interested in breeding these amazing pets then this section is for you. Here I cover everything I have learned over the years to become a successful African Pygmy Hedgehog hobby breeder and after reading this chapter you will be able to do the same. Starting from the initial mating all the way to registering your new additions, everything is covered within the guide.

Most Asked Q & A Section – Over the years I have been asked many questions about caring for and breeding African Pygmy Hedgehogs but some questions come up time and time again, so this section of the guide is dedicated to answering all the most popular ones.

Plus lots more..

My Ultimate Pygmy Hedgehog Guide Book is jam packed with everything I have learned from many years of successfully caring for and breeding Pygmy Hedgehogs. By the end of the guide you will not only be able to take care of your hedgehog but also know how to build an unbreakable bond between you both!

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“I brought this book to help me decide if I wanted a pygmy hedgehog as a pet as I loved the idea of having one but didn’t really know much about them and what looking after they would need. I found this book not only answered my questions but also covers things I would never have thought of had I not read it and I especially loved the question and answer section at the end of the book as it had loads of great tips that I found very helpful. Now I have read the book I feel I am confident enough to be able to correctly care for a hedgehog and now just need to convince my husband to let me get one.” – By P Bywater

“Really enjoyed reading your book, it was very informative and I especially like how you’ve done a question and answer section as it does answer a lot of questions new owners would be thinking about. It’s a great book.” Gemma Naylor.

“The book is very well priced. it gives great info on the background of the hedgehogs and then very well info starting from the different colors to the cage you need and the general care to have one as a pet. if you are looking at keeping one as a pet would highly recommend this book for all the relevant info you will need.” – By Sarah Mckeown.

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ONLY £4.99

Please note: You will get instant access to your eBook once your purchase has been made. If you have any issues or questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help.