Throughout my time being a breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs I am proud to say that I have have many happy customers. Please see below to view just some of on my many testimonials.

Hi Emma, just a wee message has arrived happy and healthy! He’s absolutely gorgeous and cant thank you enough! We’ve started the hour and a half drive back home now so will try to send you a few photos once he settles in! Irland

Alanis Ramos Milton Keynes
Hiya, just to let you know she’s finally settled down. She actually let me handle her for a bit today. she’s so cute and friendly

Samantha Newcastle

Omg I love her thank you so much for breeding this wonderful little hoglet have a lovely Christmas x
I did what u said she was in a ball for about 30 min so I just sat with her on my knee and talked to her and now she just let me pick her up and she exploring about ,
Mia field Oxford

Thought i’d send you a quick email since she’s been here a week now, thank you so much she’s beautiful and settling in so well!
nicola watson
> Hi Emma,
> Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Luna is settling in to her new home well. She is such a good girl and she always goes to the toilet on the litter (or at least on her wheel, above the litter).
> I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the time you obviously put in to handling her. Because of this she settles down fairly quickly when I pick her up. She is great with being handled by my partners wee boy as well, which is an added bonus. All round, great wee hog for a first time owner.
> Take care and many thanks,
> Nikki edinburgh


Lesley Ashcroft

Hi Emma
Our little girl has arrived very well and very alert she has been exploring her new home all morning and has now settled down for a lovely snooze.
I really can’t believe she’s finally here and she’s so beautiful we all fell instantly in love with her. The jury is still out on her name though so I’ll give you an update in a few days when she has been able to settle in nice a quietly. I could not believe how friendly she was as soon as I lifted her out of the box she was very content to walk about her fleece pad on my knee and didn’t ball at all when I held her hehe she’s so nosy too her wee nose is constantly twitching! She is definitely a credit to you as a breeder.  You obviously put so much into your babies to socialise each one Thankyou so much.

I’ll give you a shout every now and then to let you know how she’s getting on.
Thankyou for helping to make my dream come true.
Lesley Ashcroft Ireland

Paula Colville 

I cannot thank Emma enough for all the help, assistance and for all the time she has spent keeping me up to date with Pixie’s continued growth.

Emma clearly loves all her hedgehogs and is fantastic with them. From the care they receive and continue to do so. The after care is fantastic and Emma deserves a medal for all the great work she does.

I loved all the photographs, the video’s and honestly could not wait till I brought her home.

I collected Pixie yesterday at lunchtime and I am amazed how well she has settled, so quickly.
Within mins, of being in her new environment, she was exploring, found the food dish straight away, then the water.
She was more than happy for me to walk over my hand when flat in the cage, then went for a sleep 😁
She had a great 1st night and has slept most of today.
I cannot wait till she is up and about properly, so I can have a cuddle.
I’ll be keeping in touch with Emma to let her know how Pixie is getting on.
Paula Colville


Amber Vaughan

Dexter is lovely and very calm clearly taken very good care of. He’s asleep on me now. Emma has been extremely helpful with any questions I’ve had as anytime and you can tell she really cares for her animals. I can’t believe how friendly he is, just last night I heard him running away on his wheel and I got up to check on him and he saw me and he ran over to me. I cannot thank you enough Emma Dexter is such a delight.
Amber Vaughan wales

laura Bristol

“ Just an update lucky is ok and doing very well she likes her little house and doing well eating and drinking fine going to the bathroom fine she is doing very well. many thanks for a lovely hedgehog. laura Bristol”

iris deiss Hawick

“ Little George scratching his box all the way to Hawick, put him in his new house with some of his bedding. He is just super nosey, took him out 4 times and he never hissed at me once, just climbing on me  Thank you soo much again, he is just perfect!!! And it was lovely meeting you!!! Hawick iris deiss”

Sherri coleman Peterborough

“my hedgehogs are very rewarding because they’re very tame and they’re very loving and very friendly and I would recommend Emma to anybody because she’s great and you don’t have to do with getting the hedgehogs to you it’s a stressfree  and you can tell Emma to work really hard because they’re so tame  and friendly and the hedgehog love too with us and if anyone said that wanted hedgehog I pass on Emma info Sherri coleman Peterborough  ”

Maggs Chambers Bristol

“Thankyou emma for registry of willow! Lovely to see that! I showed my partner he smiled  cant wait for her arrival on thursday were really excited! Shes going to fit in just perfect!  thankyou so much!!! You have been anazing!!! Maggs Chambers Bristol ”

Louise Rhucroft Middlesbrough

“Hi Emma! Hope it’s ok to email you! I thought I would send you an update on little Edith! She’s doing wonderful and is so friendly! I don’t know what I did before I had her to snuggle with. She is ridiculously clean and doesn’t even poop on her wheel! She hangs over the side for a poop! Such a lady. Louise Rhucroft Middlesbrough”

Ben Measures Oakham

“Hogley has arrived safe and well, I handled him for around 10 minutes after he arrived and then put him into his new home.. Do you have any tips at all on how to make him feel more comfortable when I’m handling him as he was quite defensive hissing He is a absolutely lovely hog thank you Ben Measures Oakham  UPDATE Hi Emma Hogley is doing great and I am now handling him with no fleece and he no longer hisses or spikes at me which is great!! ”

Dee Wenn Dorset

“Won’t keep pestering you. Just wanted to say Betty’s  well settled, eating, drinking and pooing. Loves to play in get wheel. She’s got a fleece tunnel that she’s running through. Slept in her pouch today. She’s had cuddles learning my scent and my voice. Love her little face! Thank you so much. Please do email any time for a picture and an update. She’s amazing! Can’t thank you enough Dee Wenn Dorset ”

Lauren Jackson kent

“Hiya he just arrived! Doing great he’s so friendly and has eaten and drank and explored already!  Lauren Jackson kent    ”

Amy Robson Northumberland

“Hi Emma,  Little man is doing fine. He’s developing a funny character. He still doesn’t huff or put his quills up but he’s like a grumpy old man, he hisses at me and mam all the time but loves my brother. He lets me kiss his face and stroke his chin though and he’ll cuddle with me for a little bit, he just likes being grumpy with me I guess, silly thing. I just have to laugh at him, so quirky and so different to Piglet! Definitely think he’s a roamer but still more lazy about it than Piglet. He’s nearly the size of Piglet now he’s growing so quick Amy Robson Northumberland ”

Amy Robson, Northumberland

“Piglet was a surprise for my 21st Birthday from my little brother. I had researched African pygmy hedgehogs for going on three years and had loved hedgehogs even longer! I was just waiting to finish university before committing. Emma was a star from the onset. My mum found her online, looked at her website and established contact on behalf of my brother. My mum used to breed dogs so told me she knew Emma was a good and caring breeder from the questions she asked over the phone – a sign she actually cared where her hoglets would be going. Emma was very patient and understanding that my mum had only done very basic research on hedgehogs so couldn’t answer all the questions well. Mum reassured her I was more researched. Emma was so helpful and went out of her way to help with the surprise and even suggested ways of presenting the big reveal. Emma didn’t have any litters available as my birthday is so close to Christmas but mum put a deposit down for a future litter knowing we’d be more than happy to wait. Luck had it, a litter was born in November. Emma sent mum pictures and updates every week right up until pick up. On my birthday I was surprised with the news and texted Emma straight away. She was so friendly and a visit was quickly arranged as we only live about an hour away. I can’t stress how friendly, helpful and patient Emma was right through from the ordeal with the surprise to my incessant emails with questions. Emma warned us that Piglet was a right character and one of her more adventurous hoglets. This hasn’t changed. I’d prepared myself for the huffs and pops I’d learned was normal behavior through my research. We’ve never had any major issues of that with Piglet. Compared to other hogs I know of, I consider Piglet one of the sweetest and friendliest with one of the biggest characters and a lot of that is down to the care and handling Emma gave her. The only time Piglet has ever huffed at me was if I wake her up, startle her or don’t do what she wants when she wants it…like move her bed. This is all to be expected. Piglet has been just so brave, not scared of human or animal contact and we’ve bonded so easily she’s so loving. We’d 100% recommend, and I’m sure we’ll be going back to Emma in the future. Lovely, friendly hoglets, an informative care pack and pedigree registration on request. Thanks again Emma, you’ve been really amazing!! – Amy Robson, Northumberland”

Yvonne Hodson shropshire

“I purchased my male split face pinto named Samson from Emma. He has become a much loved member of our family is loving and very friendly. Emma was willing to go out of her way to meet us half way when i collected him, and kept me up  to date with his progress for several weeks before he came home. She also kept in touch after to see how he was getting on. I would recommend her to my friends.  Yours Yvonne Hodson”

Danielle Hewer Wiltshire

“Thank you so much for everything! Honestly I was nervous when making such a large purchase over the Internet especially when I was buying with my heart and not so much my head. Emma was ever so good to me, gave me 2 options for payment to help ease my mind and told me everything I needed to know upfront to help me make an informed decision. All the way through the different stages I was kept informed of all my little lads progressions. Updates on him were top notch! I was so excited for when I’d recieve my next email! He’s been with us for just over 24hours and he’s an absolute pleasure to sit and watch..he’s got a wonderful personality and so far seen to have gotten the hang of litter training! I’ve been waiting for him to settle in before our first proper cuddle so I can’t wait until sundown tonight. I cannot recommend this breeder enough, from start to finish emma was so helpful and kind..even with my 20 questions on most replys!”

madeline harkins edinburgh

“I would like to start with thank you so much for my first girl hedgehog I bought from you two years ago they are such fun pets to have and you made it very easy for me to look after and understand what they need in keeping them health in the advice sheet plus if I got stuck I could give you a call. I have now purchased two boys off you and I have to say I love the up dates with the pictures of them and the videos cause they are so cute at that age and you miss all that cause they have to stay with their mothers until they are big enough to leave. Plus I love how you are organised with their birth certificates they are important too . Paying for them is easy and collecting them is easy to plus I like how you have the delivery service if people need it . Thank you so much for my hedgehog children Maddy …..Edinburgh”

alan birch durham

“I cant thank emma enough ive bought 3 hedgehogsoff her and every time shes went out of her way to send new pics vids everyweek without being asked she went out of her way to get family to deliver hog for free whilst passing and arranged with courier for other two i already have others ordered for future as i love hogs and would buy off anyone else highly reccomended”

Jennifer Innes tranent.

“I have bought a couple of hoglets from Emma now. Emma is lovely, a really nice girl and is very experienced with hedgehogs. You can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into caring for her hoglets as both that I have had from her have been extremely tame and perfect pets. She kept me fully updated with my hoglets progress with photos and videos. Highly recommended.  Jennifer tranent.”

Barbara D’amiral kent

“Hi I have read the reviews and agree with them all. Emma is so helpful and nothing is too much, love my darling girls. Emma is always there with good advice, giving me confidence. I brought a toddlers paddling pool where the girls play in the evening safe and sound so we can watch them and enjoy.x”

Anthony Hobson  – Wales

“Thank you very much for the little baby hog, he is lovely. He is a bit huffy, but had gotten better over what little time we’ve had him. He is a lazy guy too he sleeps all day and night. Only comes out to poo, he is very good it’s always in the litter tray.”

James Mcintosh

“We had are one yesterday he is amazing! Was worth every penny thank you Emma Jayne im so glad I found your number to enquire and you made it all happen ”

Emma Louise Toase

“The girl I got from you is such a lovely temperament you’d be my first point of call. She’s still doing well. Thanks Emma”

Adele byworth York

“i have bought a few hedgehogs from Emma and i can honestly say Emma’s hedgehogs have been the most friendliest babies I’ve had. They are friendly, beautiful and Emma is always so informative and always provides me with fab care. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a hedgehog and i will most definatley be getting more from Emma! She’s extremely reasonable and always friendly and helpful smile emoticon”

Arran Newcastle

“Surprise for my wife’s birthday. Emma orderd whole set up to get deliverd with the hedgehog. Thank you. Your help is very much appreciated. ”

Fayona Campbell aberdeenshire

“Thank you so much for my hog!!! I adore her, yesterday I just let her settle in il tell u how she gets on today, thanks for all your help”

Sara Butland

“Hey Emma Hedgehog update. Little Maurice is all settled in now and he’s still absolutely adorable!! Little guy is now pretty social and doesn’t mind have a few visitors  thank you so much, I love my little guy and everyone now considers him part of the family. Take care Sara”

Jane.Y Oxfordshire

“Dear Emma Many thanks for your help and information. Thank you kindly for the ebook. It is very helpful and informative. It makes us more reassured of the kind of breeder you are. Best wishes Jane”

kim irving rotherham

“He’s such a little character Hun Smiling face with smiling eyes and zoo line was brilliant yesterday when he passed me cookie he checked on his other pets had in back he said he checked on mine like others and he was suprised coz he never balled up he was happy all way….100% feedback for them Hun there brill….he said ur lovely Aswell said he’s done a few for u b4…..me and kids are very happy xxx Rotherham”

Talita Bateman –  London

“Just a quick email to give you an update. He is doing really well and is so friendly that he’s charming everyone. I keep a few reptiles so was worried that he’d smell them and be scarred but he fit right in.  Thank you again for an amazing little guy.  Thanks  T x”

Imogen lawlor London

“Hi Emma, Just to let you know she is still doing well!  She is super lovely and curious and doesn’t mind being held by may people at all –  her “fan club” all love her and have visited to see her! She seems to be happy. she takes to sleeping anywhere and everywhere except her bed. She eats maybe 1tbsp per day of the purina one light cat food, and I am yet to find something she really likes other than Dreamies duck cat treats (she likes to annoint herself with it  ), but I will keep going with fruits and veg and cooked meat etc!  She is amazing to cuddle, and is so relaxed! I am sure that is due to you taking good care of her, so THANK YOU!”

Gemma Naylor blyth

“Would recommend Emma to anybody. I had been searching for years for a breeder of african pigmy hedgehogs that we close to me. I had no luck, they were all down south then one day i was just looking online and came across her website. I emailed her to ask whether she had any baby hogs available, i was lucky that she did and a few weeks later i got my first hog called Hoglet. You could tell how well bred and handled he was as as soon as she passed him over to me he didnt ball up once. A couple of months after, after having such an amazing experience with hoglet i decided to get another boy and again i was just in luck and again you could tell how well handled he was. He never balled up from when i started to handle him. Both hoglet and elijah are very well natured boys, they had their moments where they were little grumps some times but thats to be expected when they were going through their quilling period but still very well behaved. Both of my boys love their cuddles and come to their cage door to see me on the night time to be let out for cuddles.If anybody is looking for a african pigmy hedgehog Emma is the person to contact, her hogs are well natured and well looked after and Emma is great, any question even if i thought it was stupid to ask she would answer it no bother and helped me get everything right for my boys coming home and be able to settle as quick as possible. I recieved regular updates by emails and she videoed my two hedgehogs when they were still with her and no matter how many times i kept asking how they are, she always was very nice to me and give me updates. I still look back at the videos and cant believe how tiny they were compared to now but both are still cute as ever and bring me so much enjoyment watching them and interacting with them.  I am actually hoping to get a little girl off her in the near future!”

Amanda .n.ireland

“Review for Emma and her Uk African pygmy hedgehogs …I contacted Emma for advice  due 2 lack of response in northern Ireland.. from day 1 Emma was polite friendly approachable knowledgeable and extremely  caring about hedgehogs.. a true animal lover… I decided quite quickly to get one of Emma’s babies and have not been disappointed from start to finish.. my wee one arrived Tuesday and is beyond all my expectations and litter trained to. I’m totally blown away by Emma and her babies. would I buy another from Emma OH YES with out a doubt x Emma you are a star and so is meal worm monster Milly THANK YOU SO MUCH  X”

Dan Armstrong – Hexham

“Thank you Emma for delivering Casper to me as i’m still unable to drive after hurting my back. But after what seems like months, he’s finally here. CJ my kitten has introduced himself they really like each other. Casper has started following him.”


“Thanks again Emma your wonderful at what you do. Lola is doing great and is very easy to handle and care for. I have the same set up as you and she runs through the night. We let her out in her play pen for about half hour at tea time when she runs again. Thank you for the advice. Everyone thinks she is lovely and sometimes a little shocked that we have a hedgehog. My daughter loves her so much and she can’t wait to get in from school to play with her and a massive result as Gary is not allergic to her.”

“I reserved a hedgehog before mum had even given birth and was thrilled by the service I received from Emma. I was updated regularly with personalised emails with plenty of pics of my little hog as he grew and was informed his sex and suspected colour outcome earlier than expected. I was able to pick his name to go onto his certificate and birth certificate which made it really personal. He arrived with a plentiful supply of food and information as well as his registration along with many little other extras, all as promised. He was incredibly tame and not at all shy. He has since grown into a lovely sociable little hog. An amazing service run by a lovely knowledgeable lady who is true to her word. Thanks so much Emma.”

Lydia – Edinburgh

“Hey Emma I thought I would send you a update. Prim is getting on grate. She is happy and loves to swim, she is becoming really time and loves to play with me and I can come in and she will be ready to play. She is a lovely hedgie thank you.”


“Hi Emma Lola has settled in brilliantly she’s had a lil bit to eat & a drink she’s been asleep most ov the time av interrupted her 3 time to show kids and she was fine ,  Thank you so much  Clair ”


“Hi Emma,  Just an update on my little hoglet. I think I’m going to call her Tibby…not totally decided, but probably. She’s well and (I think) pretty happy. Settled in and sleeping a lot. I’ve discovered a fondness for strawberries. I can tell she’s already used to being handled, as she doesn’t take long to calm down when I pick her up. She’s currently asleep in an old T-shirt on my lap while watch some tellie. Thanks again for all of your updates and for such a great little hedgehog!”


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