Please Note: I am not associated with any registry clubs, groups or organizations. All my breeding herd and pet only hedgehogs are pedigree registered by me using Breed Mate the worlds premium pedigree registry program. This way all hedgehog family history can be tracked and so there is no inbreeding or over breeding and so if any genetic issues where to crop up can be easily tracked.Using Breed Mate allows me to provide all of my buyers with an authentic pedigree registration upon request.

You can learn more about Breed Mate by clicking the image below or visiting I am not affiliated with Breed Mate and have provided this information solely for anyone interested to learn more.

Need to know: When looking to purchase a Pygmy Hedgehog or just to find out more information you will want to be assured that you are dealing with an experienced breeder so you will be pleased to know that I have many years of experience with Pygmy Hedgehogs starting from getting my very first one, to now running a successful business. is now one of the most popular Pygmy Hedgehog sites in the world with over 17,000 unique visitors in 2017 and averaging around 400 visits a day in the current month (April 2017), click the images below for some screenshots of our stats…

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As you will no doubt appreciate from the above info, is the first place for many people looking to learn about Pygmy Hedgehogs and the vital information they need to be able to make an informed decision as to whether a Pygmy Hedgehog is the right pet for them and also to be assured that if they do decide to purchase a Pygmy Hedgehog that it’s health and welfare has been the priority throughout and that ethical breeding practices have been followed at every stage, thus providing new owners well socialized and healthy hedgehogs.

Though there are many clubs and groups there is actually no official governing body specifically for Pygmy Hedgehogs in the UK. While there is a range of widely agreed practices to adhere to under the UK governments animal welfare act 2006, many rules or ethics these groups may have, have been created by the owners/founders/committees of said groups and are individual to them by what they personally believe from their own experience but can differ greatly per breeder, not necessarily making any specific breeder wrong, as long as, like myself they follow the animal welfare act 2006 found here.

With this in mind I have listed my code of conduct below. Please read in full, as though it is very similar to many other breeders code of conduct there are some vital differences that I have personally implemented to ensure my Pygmy Hedgehogs get the very best care.

Please Note: As stated above, some breeders may have different methods and practices for the Pygmy Hedgehogs so feel free to contact me with any conflicting information you may have been given from any other breeder and I will be happy to answer them.

A- I provide a safe and spacious comfortable living environment for my hedgehogs.

B- my hedgehogs have a safe bedding of fleece liners & finacard as well as a 12″ exercise wheel. Along with
 toy balls and tunnels and forage tray in a large play area.  The room they are housed in is kept in a hygienic state and at a constant warm temperature.
C- opposite sex hedgehogs after 6 weeks of age are nether housed or play out together and are only put together for the purpose of mating.
D- Some female sister pairs have success been housed together though there is always a risk of them falling out.  If females are kept together there cage will need to be larger and two lots of bedding, toys, bowls etc. With regular monitoring and separate if necessary.
E- I provide all my herd with a nutritious diet of pygmy hedgehog food,  live insects, cooked meats, fruit and veg.  They are provided with fresh food and water every day.
F-  The health of my hedgehogs is priority and is continuously monitored. If an animal appears to be unwell it is seen by a vet.  Animals that seem unwell or injured or have not made brreding waight are never bred.

G- All my breeding hedgehogs and their offspring are registered to prevent inbreeding and to allow any genetic health issues that may crop up to be investigated.

H- Pairing distant relations is classed as line breeding and this is done to try to improve certain traits in that line.
I- minimum age for pairing a males is 5 months. minimum age for pairing girl is 6 months.
J- Small females under 300g are not bred due to the risk to them. they may miss carage, die or if she has a succesfull birth have difficult feeding her litter.
K- Females need to have given birth to their first litter by the time that they are 1 years old
L- Females are given a minimum gap between birth of a litter and the next litter of 6 months
M- my Females do not have more than 4 litters throughout there life.  They do not have litters after reaching 2 half years old.
N- If a female destroys her litter or abandons then she is given the same minimum gap as a successful litter
O- If my female destroy 2 litter they are retired from breeding
P- If a mating is unsuccessful then the female is re-paired.
Q- the first 2 weeks with babies in the nest is the most critical as a sudden noise or unkown activity can cause mum to destroy them so grate care is taken not to disturb the nest
R- Hoglets are not sent to their new homes until 7-8 weeks and fully weaned.
S- babies and my whole herd are handled regualy as they grow and any deemed unsuitable to go to new inexperienced owner wont.  babies will display changes in behaviour when taken and settling  into their new homes and that I am unable to predict exactly how they will behave.
T- I ensure the people I  sell my hoglets to have an understanding of the animals and there care needs and i am happy to fill any gaps in knowledge.
U- I provided changeover food and a care sheet with every hoglet sold.
V- I am available to provide ongoing advice and support for people who have brought a hedgehog from me.
W- males are studded with there first litter due when they are 6 months old.
X- I breed 3 litters minimum at the same time so if a mum was to be unsuccessful and another rejects her babies there is another mum who could adopt the babies as hand rearing holds a very low success rate.
Y- If a owner needs to re-home an animal then you are welcome to get intouch and I am happy to help you find a new home.
Z- The re-homing of retired or hedgehogs unable to breed is controversial. I will rehome if a suitable home is found and will provide changeover food and a care sheet.
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