Pygmy Hedgehog Cages and Accessories For Sale

pygmy hedgehog cages for sale

My Pygmy Hedgehog cages for sale include vivs that are hand made to my specifications by Proexotics Custom Vivariums and also ZooZone’s both come highly recommended as pygmy hedgehog cages.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are solitary animals and only meet up together in order to mate. They are happy to live alone so it is advised to house them separately as fights may occur. Some people have brought female siblings and housed them together with success and lots of space but males will certainly fight if housed together.

Anything that is soft is ok. I use the carefresh animal bedding and recyclable paper bedding but other bedding like finacard are also fine. These products also help make a great nest for breeding. It is important that the sleeping area is secure and a hiding place. Things like igloos and houses with a small opening can be used. Alternatively some people use pet sleeping bags which they love especially in the winter but make sure there is no stitching as this could harm your hedgehog. The only down side to these is they require frequent washing.

Pygmy hedgehog cages should be out of direct sunlight and drafts. Cages that are used to house pygmy hedgehogs are wooden vivariums to indoor rabbit cages. Anything made of wood would need extra ventilation otherwise can lead to overheating and glass should really be avoided as are too warm and have a lack of air circulation. The best cages are cages like the zoozone which is my recommended cage which has no outer grill which some hedgehogs have managed to climb and get their feet stuck.

It must be of reasonable size. 3ft by 18″ would be plenty to accommodate the wheel, bed and toys. Also don’t get cages with more than 1 level they may fall and injure themselves.

For the base of your cage avoid cedar shavings ad go for cloth liners, carpet fabrics or carpet.

For the litter tray non clumping / low dust and non scented litters should be used. I use wood based litters. As they do not bother, stick or eat this. Also use low litter trays or with open front for easy hedgehog access and once with no top. Place the litter tray under or as near to the wheel as possible as this is where they will most likely do most of their toilet business.

Avoid clay’s as it will stick to the hog and course lots of dust and paper as he may eat it.

The cage will need cleaned around 2 times a week whilst cleaning of the wheel may be daily as this is where they just seem to go to the toilet. don’t use chemical products to clean as this will upset your hog and possibly even make him sick, hot water and non scented pet cleaning products may be used

African Pygmy hedgehogs need plenty of exercise so a large wheel is needed. The best are 9″ or more in size, has no knobbles or gaps as pygmy hedgehog are known to get their feet stuck in them and which are silent. I use the giant 12″ rolly wheel for chinchillers and rats and the superpet silent spinner but with this one as soon as a clip breaks its useless as your pygmy hedgehog can then get his toes trapped between the two separate pieces. Something like the superpet run-around wheel is a definite no. But there is a hogwheel which I also use and is specially made for them.

In addition to a wheel pygmy hedgehogs need balls with no fluff that they can push around their cage and tunnels to prevent boredom. They will enjoy exploring and chewing on small toys for cats or ferrets containing bells.

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