Pygmy Hedgehogs For Sale

Please check below for my latest pedigree African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale

Delivery available throughout UK


£139.99 lesser tenrec 2 males both 1year with free wheel, climb tunnel, sand tub

£130 blaze male

£130 female blaze

£110 female cinnamon

£115 boy reverse

£130female split face

£99 albino male and female



  • SET UP PACKAGE WITH ANY HEDGEHOG £305 includes new zoozone package with giant rolly wheel, 2 plastic bowl, litter scoop, litter tray, fleece snuggle sack, ball, 10ml flaxseed+aveeno oil with additional items which includes play pen, 600g complete , 35g insect treats, 10litre litter, thermometer, heat mat, towel, bonding back, 10 litre finacard, nail clippers, toothbrush

Unless stated otherwise above I charge £99 apricot/ albino, £110 brown/ cinnacot/ cinnamon, £115  pinto face /reverse, £125 grey / choc, £130 blaze / split / odd eye, £140 dark grey, £150 leucistic, dark eyed white/ snowflake , £160 either parent Europe lines, £170 both parents Europe lines, £180 blacks. delivery available throughout England , Scotland  and Wales. The price includes  a free complementary starter pack witch includes a care sheet to tell you how to look after your new hedgehog baby, changeover pygmy hedgehog for sale food, the Ultimate African Pygmy Hedgehog Guide eBook and pet carrier to get him/her home safely.

I occasionally have proven adult pygmy hedgehogs of breeding age for sale (prices vary).

If reserving for a litter today not yet born I can not guarantee the colour or sex of the babies and you will be charged £115 regardless of color and pattern your deposit will only be refunded due to unforeseen circumstances with your Pygmy Hedgehog. I am happy to take specific requests such as dark or light hedgehogs, no red eyed hog , specific pairing or sex. For this the price will be as shown in the price list above.



Pygmy Hedgehog set up packages for sale when hedgehog brought from us.

FREE compulsory complimentary starter package (changeover food, port a pet carrier, care sheet, ebook)

If you wish to buy one of the two new set up packages below from us we will take £10 of final price of your hedgehog.

£129.99 new zoozone package (zoozone 2, giant rolly wheel, 2 bowl, litter scoop, litter tray, sleeping sack, ball, 10ml flaxseed+aveeno oil , 500g fincard & none clumping wood pellet cat litter)

£159.99 new 4ft package (vivarium, hog wheel, 2bowl, litter scoop, litter tray, bed with shredded fleece, ball,  10ml flaxseed+aveeno oil , 500g fincard & none clumping wood pellet cat litter, tunnel)

£64.99 additional items can be brought on own or alongside a package (play pen, 600g complete food, 35g insect treats, 10litre litter, thermometer, heat mat, towel, bonding back, 10 litre finacard, nail clippers, toothbrush)

OR make own package from the items mentioned above. message me your requirements for a quote

There are color and designe options available for many items listed. a 50% deposit can be taken on reserving your hedgehog to guarantee you the color / patterns you wish OR you can request any of the above up until your hedgehog is 5 weeks old but color / patterns will not be guaranteed until this time

I have pedigree African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale from the UK, Germany, Czech republic, Poland and holand lines. In my herd i own and can produce these color and patterns. blacks, leucistic, double white, reverse baby pintos, split faces, dew, high whites, pinto faced, blaze faced, panda eyes, odd ears, odd eyes, grey, dark grey, cinnamon, cinnicot, brown, chocolate, grey, champagne, pintos, snowflake, heavy snoflake, apricot and albino hoglets.

The breeding of specific colors and patterned hedgehogs is relatively a new area of expertise. Many hedgehog books and websites don’t explain anything other than the common variety. I have been looking into how each color and pattern is developed over the years and on many of my parings can decide on the best pairing to produce specific color and patterns. Above you can see which we are breeding and have available for sale. All parents are pedigree registerd.

Please Contact Me For details on Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale available now or future baby hedgehogs for sale at

I can also be contacted on: 07540755822

Worth the wait

Due to African Pygmy Hedgehogs being in such high demand I can reserve you one today with a £49 none refundable deposit (due to others in the past letting me down) towards the price of your baby hedgehog.  You will get priority over anyone who has not put a deposit down. I will provide Regular updates via email/text on the progress of your new addition. Your deposit will be taken off the final 

I offer healthy Pygmy Hedgehogs. My hogs are handled regularly. My hoglet’s are fed on the best quality food. sexed along with coloured prediction as soon as can be. In a step towards litter training they will have been introduced to litter trays. You can view your hoglet if you wish once old enough. I’m happy to answer as many questions as you may have, and will advise you on what you would need if you are new. Once separated from mum I will make sure they are fully weaned, healthy, eating and going to the toilet before leaving for their new homes. My babies are used to other pets. They rely on scent and sound so do require time to get used to anyone new. to speed this up leave cloth you’ve had in your pocket in with them while they sleep. I will provide Regular updates via email /txt on the progress of your new addition.


I am happy to provide a pygmy hedgehog for sale for anyone who wants to collect from Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland. I can provide the details for a animal , reptile courier for anyone accross the UK, wales, up to Inverness Scotland. For more than one hedgehog the price for delivery will increase. So if you are looking to buy a pygmy hedgehog in Newcastle or Sunderland, Durham or Middlesbrough, Edinburgh or Glasgow and Hawick or Carlisle or even as far as Yorkshire and Fife or Ayr and further a field I can supply. please specify you will require delivery on reserving and to where so I can forward you the relevant courier details.


Thanks for checking out my African Pygmy Hedgehog for sale page and I hope hear from you soon.