personalised hedgehog items

Personalised Hedgehog Items If you would like to get a personalised item from tshirt , bag, cap or phone case with your hedgehog on please let me now on reserving with payment and you will get 10% of retail price shown below. Pick from a picture of your choose from any update image sent. Please let me now which you have chosen 3weeks before Collection.     All personalised items include pygmyhedgehog.co.uk logo No returns!  


Please Note: I am not associated with any registry clubs, groups or organizations. All my breeding herd and pet only hedgehogs are pedigree registered by me using Breed Mate the worlds premium pedigree registry program. This way all hedgehog family history can be tracked and so there is no inbreeding or over breeding and so if any genetic issues where to crop up can be easily tracked.Using Breed Mate allows me to provide all of my buyers with an authentic pedigree registration [...]

African Pygmy Hedgehog FAQ

African Pygmy Hedgehog FAQ Welcome to the world of the pet African Pygmy Hedgehog! So, you’ve been thinking of getting a hedgehog. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. These answers are given from my years of owning and breeding. Breeder do and use things slightly different to one anougher so always ask your breeder also. Will my baby hog be the same colour as the parents? There is no guarantee babies will look like their parents at all. Hedgehog colours [...]


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