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Pygmy Hedgehogs For Sale

Please check below for my latest pedigree African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale Delivery available throughout UK TAKING DEPOSITS NOW FOR HOGLETS DUE SOON TO LEAVE MARCH ALSO TAKING DEPOSITS FOR FUTURE PAIRINGS    INTO 2018 I occasionally have proven adult pygmy hedgehogs of breeding age for sale (prices vary). 5 CURRENT OFFER PAY IN FULL ON RESERVING AND GET £5 OFF HEDGEHOG PRICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A PERSONLISED ITEM FROM TSHIRT, BAG, CAP, PHONR CASE OF YOUR HEDGEHOG YOU WIL GET 25% OF THE [...]

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African Pygmy Hedgehog food

will post 2nd class on a Wednesday PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE HOLIDAYS NY ORDERS WILL BE POSTED FROM THE SECOND WEEK OF JANUARY. A Pygmy Hedgehogs  diet can be made up of meat , cat food ,mealworms (alive or dead) and a little bit of fruit & veg African pygmy hedgehogs are omnivorous But mainly classified as insectivores since they primarily eat bugs and worms. We feel that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the African Pygmy Hedgehog diet in captivity The protein should [...]

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Set Up Packs For Sale

Pygmy Hedgehog set up packages for sale when hedgehog brought from us. OR Make own package from the items above. message me your requirements for a quote. There are color and designe options available for many items listed below. a 50% deposit can be taken on reserving your hedgehog to guarantee you the color / patterns you wish OR you can request any of the above up until your hedgehog is 5 weeks old but color / patterns will not be [...]

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I am happy to find pygmy hedgehogs for anyone who wants to collect from Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland and for anyone accross the uk, scotland up to nerviness, wales. They will be delivered using animal couriers , reptile couriers (please specify to where on contacting). See below for some couriers.    If you are interested in a hedgehog they can deliver to you anywhere in the UK, Scotland up to inverness, andWales. The couriers mentioned below are a Independent party not affiliated with me. These are [...]


Throughout my time being a breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs I am proud to say that I have have many happy customers. Please see below to view just some of on my many testimonials. Hi Emma, just a wee message has arrived happy and healthy! He's absolutely gorgeous and cant thank you enough! We've started the hour and a half drive back home now so will try to send you a few photos once he settles in! Irland Alanis Ramos Milton [...]

personalised hedgehog items

Personalised Hedgehog Items If you would like to get a personalised item from tshirt , bag, cap or phone case with your hedgehog on please let me now on reserving with payment and you will get 10% of retail price shown below. Pick from a picture of your choose from any update image sent. Please let me now which you have chosen 3weeks before Collection.   no payments are taken by this website. They are taken externally via PayPal or direct bank [...]


Please Note: I am not associated with any registry clubs, groups or organizations. All my breeding herd and pet only hedgehogs are pedigree registered by me using Breed Mate the worlds premium pedigree registry program. This way all hedgehog family history can be tracked and so there is no inbreeding or over breeding and so if any genetic issues where to crop up can be easily tracked.Using Breed Mate allows me to provide all of my buyers with an authentic pedigree registration [...]

African Pygmy Hedgehog FAQ

African Pygmy Hedgehog FAQ Welcome to the world of the pet African Pygmy Hedgehog! So, you’ve been thinking of getting a hedgehog. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. These answers are given from my years of owning and breeding. Breeder do and use things slightly different to one anougher so always ask your breeder also. Will my baby hog be the same colour as the parents? There is no guarantee babies will look like their parents at all. Hedgehog colours [...]

pygmy hedgehog breeder uk

Care, Facts and Breeding

African pygmy hedgehogs are best kept at around 70-75 degrees. If the temperature is lower than this they may attempt to hibernate. This is not allowed in captivity. It is not necessary or recommended to use light bulbs to heat the cage as these could burn your hedgehog. though i dont you could use a che light on a thermostat which gives of heat no light. If you keep your house at a temperature that you are happy to [...]

pygmy hedgehog cages for sale

Pygmy Hedgehog Cages and Accessories For Sale

My Pygmy Hedgehog cages for sale include vivs that are hand made to my specifications by Proexotics Custom Vivariums and also ZooZone's both come highly recommended as pygmy hedgehog cages. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are solitary animals and only meet up together in order to mate. They are happy to live alone so it is advised to house them separately as fights may occur. Some people have brought female siblings and housed them together with success and lots of space but [...]

Future Pairings / My Herd

 PAIRED DEC DUE JAN TO LEAVE FEB / MARCH albino , apricot dark grey reverse pinto FOR ANY FUTURE LITTERS THROUGHOUT 2018 PLEASE GET INTOUCH TO DISCUSS My Herd name themes current and previous - harry potter;  ginny, mineva, dolloris, harry, Gandalf, hermionie sonic hedgehog; sonic, amy weather; spring, winter, tsunami, summer, aurora food; magnum, calipo, treacle, jelly bean, pancake, kiwi, popcorn, maltesa charactors; female -  pingu, elsa, anna, conker, repunzell, snoow white, panda, princess Lia , cruella devil, malnificent , Jeannette, dathne, Wilma, velma, lisa simpson , lara croft, Gloria happy feet, [...]

uk pygmy hedgehog color and pattern guide

Facial Patterns And Colors

Colors There are around 100 diffrent color / pattern combinations. You have the dark colors grey/ dark grey / chocolate. Then the inbertween colors cinnamon / brown/ cinnicot. Then the light colors champagne/ apricot /albino . Patterns can include pinto/ reverse pinto and snowflake / heavy snowflake/ whites. They could have eaver red, ruby, brown or black eyes. The nose, ears, skin and mask color tends to depend on color hedgehog. There are also cobinations with all these colors which can [...]

Understanding Your African Pygmy Hedgehog

When you first bring your hedgehog home, it may take it some time to get adjusted to its new environment. Be patient and don’t try to rush anything. Likewise, it will take you a while to get accustomed to your hedgehog’s behaviors and the sounds it makes. This chapter will give you an idea of what to expect. Behavior Hedgehogs are naturally solitary, and so while they may learn to enjoy being handled they won’t seek out contact, either. At first, [...]

Grooming Your Pygmy Hedgehog

Most domesticated animals need some help with cleaning and grooming, and African Pygmy Hedgehogs are no exception. Hedgehogs do not clean themselves, so you will need to bathe your hedgehog occasionally. Bathing Your Hedgehog In order to give your hedgehog a bath, you will need the following supplies: A shallow plastic tub or sink Gentle shampoo (I like Aveeno) A toothbrush One or more towels The frequency with which you need to bathe your hedgehog will vary depending up on how dirty [...]

What is an African Pygmy Hedgehog?

The breeding and domestication of hedgehogs first became popular in the 1980s. Breeders experimented with various wild species. The most popular domesticated breed is the African Pygmy Hedgehog, a hybrid between the white-bellied or four-toed hedgehog and the Algerian hedgehog all from the atelerix variety. which includes the somali sciateri hedgehog. The African Pygmy Hedgehog is bred exclusively in captivity and does not exist in the wild. It is smaller than any breed of wild hedgehog, weighing in between 300 and [...]

Bringing Your Pygmy Hedgehog Home

Hedgehogs, like any other pet, need to have the right environment in order for them to thrive. It’s important for their health and well-being that they have the right kind of Pygmy  Hedgehog cage, and that everything inside the cage is selected to be safe and comfortable. This chapter will go into detail about everything you need to get in order to keep your hedgehog happy. Cages The first thing you need to get before bringing a hedgehog into your house [...]

Handling Your Pygmy Hedgehog

When you bring your African Pygmy Hedgehog home, remember that relocating to a new environment can be stressful. Hoglets (baby hedgehogs) need a lot of sleep, so it’s important to make sure that they get enough. I believe that it’s important to handle your hoglet from day one, as this will help it to adjust to you and your home. It may also help to put a piece of clothing with your scent on it into the cage. Hedgehogs have [...]


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